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Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd fics rec

Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd fics rec

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my personal "READ THIS NOW" category:

Flicker (5059 words) by faviconJane St Clair (also here on lj)
Relationships: Jason Todd/Bruce Wayne
Summary: "All dead angry boys come back."

Suspension (9604 words) by faviconSharpestRose
Warning: Underage
Summary: "Safety is a relative concept."

Not Entirely Untrue (10677 words) by faviconRunespoor
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "It's not Bruce laying the rules, he doesn't get to do that anymore, but it's Bruce dealing the hand. And Jason can play with that. Title from Batman 645."

The Ribbons and the Rot (10331 words) by faviconfeverbeats
Fandom: DCU
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Jason Todd/Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd/Dick Grayson/Tim Drake
Summary: "Robin," she says again, meeting his eyes even behind his mask. "As in Batman and. Better half and all that."

Anniversary by daggerpen
Summary: "A conversation between Bruce and Jason on the sixth anniversary of Jason's death."
NO SLASH (but too brilliant not to be rec)

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Red Hood!Jason (& some redhead!Jason):

Live and Let Die (2749 words) by faviconThe Doorman
Relationships: Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, Roy Harper/Jason Todd
Summary: There was a time Jason wanted to be angry forever, but it's true that all things eventually change with age. It only stands to reason that he and Bruce would someday too. Bruce, as always, is the last person to figure that stuff out.

Your Familiar Comforts by fickle_goddess
Summary: "It's Bruce's birthday. Jason celebrates."

Forever Yours (2857 words) by faviconeggblue
Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Underage
Relationships: Jason Todd/Bruce Wayne, Batman/Red Hood
Summary: "This is you now, forever bloodied from the way you take turns dying with him."

feel you in my bones again (1180 words) by faviconag_sasami
Fandom: DCU - Comicverse
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "For two hours he has stood in the dark in his civvies feeling naked without the mask."

Says to himself (1203 words) by faviconzeen
Fandom: Batman (Comics), DCU
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "Says to himself, The boy is no good. The boy is just no good."

Reality Always Wins (2478 words) by faviconeggblue
Summary: "Jason will be gone the moment he sees him."

No place to call home (6943 words) by faviconhanekoma
Summary: "Crashing back home intoxicated seemed like a good idea to Jason Todd. At first, that is."

these brutal hearts will break the night in two (831 words) by faviconzeen
Summary: "If you’re looking for love, you can look for the door."

Mornings (1218 words) by faviconcharcoalmink
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "Bed and breakfast in all the senses."

Something sweet and something strong (1049 words) by faviconRunespoor
Summary: "Jason has none of Bruce's hang-ups."

intent never makes a sound (368 words) by faviconag_sasami
Summary: "Shut the door on your way out."

End of the year rush (3265 words) by faviconMiss Synph
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "Bruce is the best Christmas gift that Jason could ask for."

In the Machinery of Night (3745 words) by faviconNokomis
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Underage
Summary: "Later, he will chastise him. Now, he can do nothing more than give in."

The Chain (1081 words) by faviconzeen
Fandom: Batman (Comics), Red Hood and the Outlaws, DCU
Rating: Mature
Summary: "It’s Christmas Eve, and Bruce Wayne gets a visit from ghost. Except Jason Todd is totally alive and definitely kicking. (Fuck you for thinking otherwise.)"

Visit (495 words) by faviconSharpestRose
Rating: Mature
Summary: "Some things change. Others don't."

The finest gift (100 words) by faviconPetra
Summary: "The unexpected, the impossible, and the truth."

Wolves in the Centrifuge (397 words) by faviconeggblue
Rating: Mature
Warning: Underage
Summary: "Their love story never grows old, never has a happy ending."

the minimum, heroic (732 words) by favicondriedvoices (also here on lj)
Summary: "Jason scatters bodies like breadcrumbs all the way through Park Row.
(In his defense, not all of them are dead.)"

What Is and What Should Never Be by red_handed
Summary: "When it comes to Bruce and Jason, some things are better left in the past."

For I have sinned by runespoor7
Summary: "Emotionally fraught conversations only happen, like love, when Bruce falls into them, unavoidably."

Advancement Strategies by runespoor7
Summary: “So what did you do to get welcomed in?”
Notes: Whatboot cracky futurefic.

Unwrap This by Miss Synph
Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd/Dick Grayson
Summary: "Most people probably don't get threesomes as birthday gifts."
(but most people aren't Jay)

Know All Your Enemies by eggblue
Summary: "He’s. Perfectly. Good."

Iconoclast by eggblue
Summary: "Some memories must be understood."

Not Nearly by eggblue
Summary: "Batman and Red Hood finally unmasked."

Till Ludlow tower is down by katarik
Summary: "It's not Red Hood that means he can't go home again. It's the scar on his neck that means he won't."

Dream A Little Dream by paragraph
Summary: "It’s been years since Jason’s funeral. Years since he’s had that nightmare, but now that Jason is back, he has it every night."

Under the Red Hood by d0wn_on_paper (ART)
Warnings: "I'm gonna go ahead and stick a possible 'disturbing content' warning here, just in case."

When this fog lifts by katarik
Summary: "Bruce will believe the impossible before the improbable."

And the Days Go Fleeting Past by labuenaventura
Summary: "Sometimes you let people go, and sometimes you set them free."

Control by in_excelsis_dea
Warnings: slash, swearing, mention of child abuse, minors having sex, and oral sex
Summary: "It's all about control."

Renascence by kezzy
Summary: "It's all about who has the upper hand and who plays the game better."

5 Times Jason Todd Almost Died and The One Time He Actually Did (1952 words) by faviconfeatherxxdreams
Summary: "Jason would have done anything for Bruce."

dare to dance? (213 words) by faviconjayeinacross
Series: Part 3 of comic drabbles
Summary: "Jason's smirk is a dare."

* * *


Make Crosses From Your Lovers by Propaganda, with smut assistance from Derry
Summary: "Jason's out of his element."
The Imitation Zone (8669 words) by faviconderryderrydown
Summary: "Propaganda wrote Make Crosses From Your Lovers which, unfortunately, is no longer around. It featured an AU Jason Todd showing up in regular-continuity Gotham and his attempts to get home - which he eventually managed by dying.
Back in his own Gotham, he encounters his own universe's version of Tim Drake."

The Moment Before the Gunshot (1736 words) by faviconzeen
Rating: Mature
Warning: Major Character Death
Summary: "It's always the moment before the gunshot."

The things you can't forget (5050 words) by faviconSharpestRose
Rating: Mature
Characters: Stephanie Brown, Jason Todd, Pre-Crisis Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne
Summary: "He has the same scars."

The Bleed (1024 words) by faviconirrelevant
Rating: Explicit
Characters: Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne (Earth-51)
Summary: "Come on, this is the Bruce who gave Jason Red Robin."

* * *


Word Made Flesh (1361 words) by faviconMiss Synph
Fandom: DCU - Comicverse
Summary: "Father Todd meets Bruce Wayne. (Flashpoint AU)"

The New Covenant (1201 words) by faviconMiss Synph
Summary: "Bruce's infatuation with the young Father Todd is realized and reciprocated."

Pray For Us Sinners (1435 words) by faviconMiss Synph
Summary: "Father Todd receives a visit from one Bruce Wayne"

* * *

Alternate Realities (AR):

Neither Fate Nor Fortune (25982 words) by faviconRunespoor
Series: Part 2 of Bring on the Night
Summary: Barbara becomes Oracle, and Gotham's dead Robin is a vampire.

Earth 82 by Alan Black
Summary: "It's all in a day's work for Jason Todd who manages to not only survive his beating at the hands of the Joker but confess his attraction to his mentor. Which, of course, changes everything. I have decided this universe is going to be everything the DCU should have been. Jason doesn't die, Batman knows how to smile, disco's still in fashion, and Tim's the cutest goddamn kid that's ever worn the Robin suit." MUST READ (just like everything written by Alan Black)

No Light in Your Bright Blue Eyes (1106 words) by faviconShoutitfromthehills
Summary: "Jason survives Africa, and enjoys the perks of still being alive."

Tomorrow For Today (7326 words) by faviconRunespoor
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Underage
Summary: "emotionally crippled billionaire seeks dead sidekick to make him whole again, and succeeds. (Basically, Bruce had a convenient vial of vampire blood to inject into Jason's veins when Jason died of crowbar. It failed, until three days after the funeral Jason crawls out of the grave and stumbles to Wayne Manor.)"

The Impossibility by by eggblue
Summary: "Jason took a last drag. “But you don’t need me anymore.” He ground it out hard, down to the filter and bent. “You got all the time you want now.”"

Danse Macabre (3868 words) by faviconjayeinacross
Warning: Major Character Death
Summary: "On the night of Samhain, spirits of the dead are said to walk the Earth again for one night. And Jason knows he's not imagining the voices of the ones he left behind long ago calling his name."

Insufferable (1008 words) by faviconjayeinacross
Summary: Soulbonding verse. - Jason and Bruce are both too stubborn, but this time, it’s doing them both much more damage than they would ever have imagined. But they still deny it, fight it. Even though it’s killing them.

Touch the flame by Mimic
Summary: "Bruce never tells him, but Jason knows there was a second there -- after the numbers hit zero and before Bruce found him -- where he was dead."
("It isn't quite fix-it, but I'm not breaking anything else. Jason survives getting blown up, Tim pays him a visit in his recovery. Batman needs a Robin, Bruce needs a Jay.")

Here in This Room by saavikam77
Summary: "Somehow Bruce finds out about Jason being alive and in a coma. These are his bedside confessions"

Invincible by paragraph
Summary: "The last thing Jason remembers is the Joker hovering over him with a crowbar, but he woke up in his own bed just moments ago, so he’s understandably confused."

* * *


Compromises (4090 words) by faviconcleromancy
Warning: Underage
Alfred’s always said that Jason lacks subtlety. Jason’s always said that he gets the job done.
AKA, that one time Bruce and Jason fucked.

Sleep by Alan Black

Motivation by Alan Black

Kissed by Alan Black

Patches Dances (2403 words) by faviconClover
Summary: "This is where a summary would go if I had any idea what to put here other than my goals were Patches and putting Jason in a dress. Everything else? I have no idea where it came from."

The Proposal (363 words) by faviconeggblue
Rating: Mature
Warning: Underage
Relationships: Jason Todd/Bruce Wayne, Batman/Robin
Summary: “Geez, Bruce, are you gonna marry me now?” He sneered. Sometimes he was just too much."

Knowing Yourself by eggblue
Summary: "Once you knew yourself, no one could stop you. In the end, not even Bruce, or the Bat."

Mercy by eggblue
Summary: "Now he will never leave me, now he will never grow coarse hair over the scars on his legs, now he will never find a woman who loves him and he loves more than us, now he will never leave Gotham"

In my heart's yard by katarik
Summary: "He is so very tempted." (coda Neron)

Neither Sweet nor Stolen by opal_escence
Summary: "KISS, n. A word invented by the poets as a rhyme for "bliss." It is supposed to signify, in a general way, some kind of rite or ceremony."

The Talk by mildredmilton
Summary: "The Talk" that Batman has with Robins. The sex-education talk."

Spoiled by harmless_one
Summary: "Bruce always gives him what he wants."

Hapless Sons by buggery
Summary: "A laugh echoes up from below. Jason. Well, he can't pretend that's surprising. Back when he was Robin, he'd often be at work alongside Bruce till nearly dawn, too, even on school nights."

The Boy in the Red and Green Suit by Sarah T.
Summary: "You can take the boy out of death. Can you take death out of the boy?"

As Long As They Were Breathing by eggblue
Summary: "It wasn’t until the end that he understood what it all meant."

As you and I go down by Te
Summary: "Bruce is in love, and all is fair."

Schism by Te
Summary: "He forgets."

* * *

(fics where Bruce/Jason is either not the main subject &/or can be there or implied)

When in Rome (3039 words) by faviconlazarus
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Tim Drake/Kon-El, hints of Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd
Summary: "Having sex in the Batmobile was like poking your head into a lion’s den. Naturally, Tim and Kon do it anyway."

Business Before Pleasure (& everything in that series) by Alan Black
Summary: "Damian wants to open a superhero sex shop..." (or at least this is how it all started) - earth 81
Pairings: Damian/Dick (pre-slash), Bruce/Jason, Kon/Tim...

Substitute for Praise by brown betty
Summary: "Kon-- The Titans wanted to know when you would be coming back," says Superman, closing the window with more respect than the reproductions deserve."

Spare By Mary (sharpest_rose)
Bruce/Jason & Jason/Tim, deathfic AR
Summary: "And if you live through this with me, I swear that I would die for you."

Circles and Semi-Circles by Jess (swear_jar)
Bruce/Jason & Jason/Tim, deathfic AR
Summary: "It’s only after disaster can we be resurrected. – Tyler Durden, This Is Your Life from the Fight Club soundtrack."

Alone in a Way by Weirdness Magnet
Summary: "Tim's first solo patrol makes Bruce need some closure."

Discontinuity By Mary
Summary: "He's out of time."
(no slash)

Seconds by Mary
Dick, Jason and Alfred
Summary: "Families are happy shiny glorious things, where nobody ever fights or disagrees. Or something like that."
(no slash)

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