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Theon Greyjoy/Robb Stark fics rec

Robb Stark/Theon Greyjoy
Game of Thrones & A Song of Ice and Fire
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Before Pyke

i don't belong elsewhere (1786 words) by faviconyouremyqueen
Summary: "Theon's not sure what they're arguing about at this point, only that he definitely isn't going to lose.
Written for the asoiaf kink meme, prompt was: during a fight, Robb tells Theon that he's just a hostage."

Vainglorious by with the monsters
Summary: "In the firelight, the blood on his cheeks is as black as the night"

Fate Leads Him Who Follows It (447 words) by faviconthosearestrings
Fandom: Game of Thrones (TV), A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Summary: "In the aftermath of the battle, Robb reflects on the fact that he will always follow Theon."

Follow You Down Your Twisting Alleyways (346 words) by faviconbloodofpyke
Summary: "Set post-King in the North; written for Stephie's GOT Kink Meme under the prompt a king does not ask"

Feel the Tide Turning (509 words) by faviconbloodofpyke
Summary: "Set after the Battle of the Whispering Wood"

his trust is placed (327 words) by faviconfallencrest
Summary: "Robb & Catelyn discuss the trust Robb has placed in Theon - and why he sent him to the Iron Islands in the first place. (Set during ACOK - though probably impossible, timeline-wise, given how quickly Robb sends Catelyn off to treat with Renly.)"

The King Wants (1069 words) by faviconxylodemon
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "A good fight always puts Theon's blood up, leaves him with an itch under his skin only a wench and a few mugs of ale can ease, so he shouldn't be surprised that being made a bloody king would do the same to Robb."

smile like you mean it (353 words) by faviconblackfyre
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "Theon's already knelt for Robb once tonight, declaring him King. Later in Robb's tent, he kneels a second time."

stutter-shook and uptight, we are colorblind (530 words) by faviconeternal_elenea (***)
Rating: Mature
Summary: "Theon knows that it couldn't have gone any other way; that he was never going to be the hero in this story. Ficlet.
Written for the ASOIAF Kink Meme, for the prompt:
"You’re bound to be a hero, just like I’m bound to be a failure. (There is no way you and I will get a we in the end.)"

my love don't fade away (501 words) by faviconarcher_of_fate (***)
Summary: "Originally from You win or you die: a Game of Thrones Kink Meme, written for the prompt "Theon thinks he is just an easy lay for Robb. Robb is in love. Neither of them mentioned it to the other, but never talking only works so long."

At Your Door (664 words) by faviconyoutoxic
Rating: Mature
Summary: "One-shot. Theon/Robb in the stables at Winterfell. Written for youremyqueen as part of a request in The Makeout Meme. Title of the piece is taken from the Alexi Murdoch song of the same name. Unbeta'd so any mistakes are mine."

time will give us nothing (648 words) by faviconarcher_of_fate (***)
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "Theon still dreams of the sea, and sometimes he wakes and thinks he can taste salt. He doesn’t tell Robb this, because if he did Robb wouldn’t understand."

the archer's bows have broken (1208 words) by faviconxylodemon
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: "Theon leaves for Pyke at first light, and he's been somewhat strange all day -- laughing too loudly, smiling too often, standing too close to Robb's shoulder, his hand sometimes pausing quickly at the small of Robb's back."

slowly, softly (230 words) by faviconxylodemon
Summary: "Theon stretches a little, tipping his head back against Robb's shoulder, his hair tickling Robb's jaw, and Robb strokes his hand down Theon's arm, slides it over the curve of Theon's hip."

when we're alone (1321 words) by faviconPoose, faviconseven_hells
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "Theon pressed his thumbs into the knotted places, and each time he did so Robb would let out a frustrated growl, his muscles would clench up, and then as Theon worked upon him, he would sigh and sink a little more deeply into the cradle of his folded arms."

Sunlight's Demise (312 words) by faviconyoutoxic
Rating: Mature
Summary: "The light seemed to die out wherever they had taken camp. Even day felt like night, because of the grey skies and the stink of fear and blood."

the things i've done, you'll never know (1575 words) by faviconxylodemon
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "He lets his hand linger in Robb's hair too long, his palm pressed to the shell of Robb's ear; he tries to deflect the dark look in Robb's eyes with a laugh, the sound thin and hollow and false between them, but Robb catches him as he starts to pull away, wrapping his fingers over the back of Theon's hand, brushing his thumb along the inside of Theon's wrist. They've been here before, this strange place that itches at something under Theon's skin, that tugs on the hair at the back of Theon's neck; he has always made himself turn away from it -- because Robb is dearer to him that his own brothers ever were, because Robb is the closest thing he has ever had to a friend -- but Robb's grip is stronger than iron tonight, and his mouth is parted slightly, just enough that Theon can see the wet pink of his tongue."

Secrets (2062 words) by faviconOctober_rust
Rating: Explicit
Summary: written for the prompt at the ASoIaF/GoT kinkmeme: Robb/Theon + voyeur!Jon; Jon watches Robb and Theon having sex (bonus points if this leads to Robb/Jon, Theon/Jon or Robb/Theon/Jon)

this mouth that's full of dynamite by mybabyangel (***)
Summary: Robb is fed up with the UST between him & Theon. Theon lives happily in denial and doesn’t want things to change.
Robb decides to relate to him all the times he dreamed, had sex &/or jerk off fantasizing about Theon with all the very graphics details/ vivid precise imagination.

It Strikes a Chord (***)
Summary: Sometimes Theon makes Robb come with only his voice and his words.
(Bonus: sometimes Theon doesn’t even do it on purpose)

letting go (***)
Summary: Sometimes Robb needs Theon to take all the control, to be thrown over, & possessed.

Nothing Can Keep You Here by dazedmusings
Summary: "Robb knew he would never be able to keep Theon for as long as he wanted. It simply wasn’t possible."

battle lust of another kind by bloodofpyke (***)
Summary: Theon is gravely wounded during battle (or whatever). Robb snapped.

he's mine by bloodofpyke (***)
Summary: dark!Robb - Robb always made sure Theon wouldn’t have anyone but him. … Bonus if it’s a subtly dark!Robb, acting good and honourable yet not being so

* * *

After Pyke (or going through that)
(can have spoilers for RW & Reek)

where you run to, I'll go glistening (2011 words) by faviconeternal_elenea (***)
Rating: Mature
Summary: "Theon loves the rain, has always loved the rain, and, as Robb grows up with him, they learn about each other through it and inside of it."
Written for the Game of Thrones Kink Meme on Livejournal. For the prompt: Torrential rain/storms always made Theon really horny. Robb always tries his best to be the one collecting the results. (Urgency for sex & desperation is a plus.)

waiting for you to hurt me (968 words) by faviconmiranatural (***)
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "Unthinkingly, he brings his fingers up to his injured arm, brushing the cut - it fucking stings - and smearing his blood."
(Robb has a bloodkink. Theon doesn't.)

Regrets (363 words) by faviconsternflammenden
Warning: Major Character Death
Summary: Written for the got_exchange comment fic meme on Livejournal.
Prompt was Theon/Robb, There are a lot of things he regrets

Make It the Shape of Everything You Need (157 words) by faviconbloodofpyke
Warning: Major Character Death
Summary: "Reek!Theon POV; set post-Red Wedding (and presumably before ADWD)"

hold me still bury my heart on the cold (1461 words) by faviconmiranatural (***)
Rating: Mature
Warning: Major Character Death
Summary: "You feel a crazy laugh building up in your throat. You knew losing your mind is only a matter of time; however, not even in your wildest dreams, did you imagine it will happen like this. Written for GoT Kink Meme (plus ADwD spoilers)"

salted (555 words) by faviconVail
Summary: "[Makes a GOT-specific reference concerning a scene from S2.E3. Explanation in notes within.]
The oceans do not freeze.
Men may walk across rivers and lakes but never the sea, and no man knows the sea so well as the Ironborn, whose wounds taste of brine and blood alike. They are made anew in water, born to sail upon it and rule.
Theon Greyjoy is of the sea."

i hope you die (i hope we both die) by disolvedspine
Summary: “He’s on top of you. He’s next to you, right next to you in fact.
He has the softest skin wrapped entirely around him.
It isn’t him.
It isn’t you. You’re falling now. You’re swimming. This is not
harmless. You are not

(The Dislocated Room - Richard Siken)

* * *

Alternate Realities (AR)

Salting the Wound (1863 words) by faviconFluffyGremlin
Summary: Originally posted here.
Summary: AU in which Theon grows up on the Iron Islands and meets the Starks later on - gen or any pairing.
"Theon grew up amongst the Ironborn yet he still found himself on his knees before the lords of Winterfell."

some flowers bloom dead by janie_tangerine
Summary: "Robb doesn't die at the Red Wedding, and he finds Theon again. Nothing is the way it should be."

it's quiet company by disolvedspine
Warnings: death
Summary: "Overheard,
late, this morning:Don't blame
me, if I am everything your heart
has led to."

your dreams still follow storylines (381 words) by faviconeternal_elenea (***)
Rating: Mature
Warning: death
Summary: Ficlet in which Robb wins the Iron Throne and Theon watches him in his dreams.
Written for the Game of Thrones Kink Meme on Livejournal. For the prompt: Robb/Theon – fevered dream. Please be here when I wake up. (bonus if it’s King!Robb).

don't look back (1398 words) by faviconjanie_tangerine
Summary: "where Theon sides with Robb instead of his father."

And All That Was Yours Was Lost (1058 words) by faviconvalonqar
Rating: Mature
Warning: Underage
Summary: "She will be close enough."
Sansa/Theon AU future fic with mentions of Throbb; grief and longing.

you were chasing the wind (1753 words) by faviconarcher_of_fate (***)
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Major Character Death
Summary: “I’m not my father,” Theon admits, the bitterness a familiar taste in the back of his throat. “Lucky for you, I suppose.”
AU where Theon never left Pyke and complications ensue.

night time, sympathize (965 words) by faviconeternal_elenea (***)
Summary: "Theon chooses Robb over his life at Pyke and, in doing so, he loses his family, his name, and his home.
Written for the You Win or You Die: A Game of Thrones Kink Meme on Livejournal. For the prompt: “Still wet, I lay down next to you. Your arms your legs, your naked chest, / your ribs delineated like a junkyard dog’s. / There’s nowhere to go, I thought. There’s nowhere to go.

for he's an honorable man (2680 words) by faviconjanie_tangerine
Summary: "where Robb doesn’t marry Jeyne Westerling and Theon is a honorable man.
--- written for a throneland challenge where the prompt was taking two characters/one ship and swap their personalities. The first chapter is the essays that were supposed to explain you the background, the second chapter is the fic itself that was written based on that premise."

see me lose focus. (1224 words) by faviconrectiphobia (***)
Rating: Mature
Summary: "He only catches glimpses of it, pitch blackness against the pale of Theon’s skin. Only glimpses, because he’s trying not to stare, trying not to be obvious. It’s not proper, but he can’t help but be curious about the swirls of black he occasionally sees over Theon’s side down by his right hip."

More than just blood on our hands (10235 words) by faviconyouremyqueen
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "Jon marches to war with Robb and tries to set aside his private war with Theon, but quickly realizes that he's not very good at either of those things."
Written for got_exchange at livejournal, prompt was: Something where Jon and Theon fall into a dysfunctional, sexually driven relationship because they're both outsiders.

Shoot me to the ground (you are mine, I am yours) (1554 words) by faviconhesperia (***)
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Theon as half way to Pyke when she realized she was pregnant. (girl!Theon/Robb)

Sins and Blood, I'll wash them away with my love (740 words) by faviconMaharetchan
Summary: "Theon betrayed his family for him, Robb tends to his wounds."

Cold Boys, Dead Boys by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: medium!Theon. His mother told him it was a gift, that his grandma was the same. When he saw his brothers coming home, torn and bloody, he knew it was a curse.
(Ghosts were many in Winterfell, but there was a beautiful lady often around the bastard. She’s nice to Theon, even if he isn’t really nice with Jon. Jon has her mouth.)

Grey Wind cockblocks Theon by wayoffbase (***)
Summary: Grey Wind considers Theon as part of Robb’s packs (or Robb’s mate) because Robb does.
Therefore Grey Wind is protective/cock blocking Theon (who doesn’t get what’s happening). Robb could stop it but doesn’t really want to.
Bonus for all the other Starks children and Jon knowing what it’s about because of their own direwolves.

Indiscretions by heartlesskids (***)
Summary:  king!Robb and prostitute!Theon. You could find everything you want in the South’s brothels, even what you did not know you wanted, and sometimes everything you needed.
(au: Robb is a North king a bit at lost in the South, and Theon a skilled courtesan/prostitute who, maybe, used to be a Greyjoy.)
bonus: Theon is witty and mouthy way above his station (but that’s why his clients like him)

By the White by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: AU where Theon & Jon bonds over the fact that they’re both outsiders (rather than Theon being a prick & Jon angsting) and becomes bff/very close while Robb is green with jealousy (despite both Theon & Jon being friendly with him still).
Bonus for Theon wondering why Robb is so prissy while Jon has a pretty good idea & some drunk Jon/Theon making out!

Hurt & Comfort by janie_tangerine
Summary: "Theon comes back from Pyke ill. Robb tends to him."

'Lady' by wayoffbase
Summary: "Theon hates that he gets off on dressing in women's clothing, being called pretty and "my lady" and being treated as if he was a highborn lady, the exact opposite of an Ironborn. He especially hates how much better it is being laced in too tight until he can barely draw breath and his blood is fizzing and his head is ringing and he feels just as fragile, weak and delicate as a highborn lady is supposed to be."

Saudade by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: sorta little mermaid au (Andersen version - rather darkish). Theon is given a choice: killing Robb and go back to the sea, or turning into foam.

Hush, Girl, Hush by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: Some says he came back wrong (but maybe he just wasn’t really right to begin with).
(Theon himself doesn’t say much these days, but there is something akin to worship and fear in his eyes)
bonus: Jeyne being quite a little bit freaked out and Theon (reek?) trying to be the comforting one in a clumsy way (and dark!Robb not digging the Jeyne + Theon bonding at all).

i told you i was brave but i lied by disolvedspine
Summary: AU Robb sent Theon as his emissary to the Red Wedding and Theon's body was sent back as a "gift". Robb has Theon brought back to life but Theon's...changed.
(psychologically, not physically. like, he's not capable of affection or he's just really broken and hollowed out and he can only feel okay by killing the enemy)

Hollow Boys by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: prisoner of war. They met for the first time on the battleground. It should have been their last meeting (it wasn’t).
bonus: power play & ill-timed feelings

Touching by janie_tangerine
Summary: "If only he really had been Ned Stark’s ward. If only –"

inequality issues by janie_tangerine
Summary: "It takes him one month to finally get back to Winterfell after he sends the letter."

Blood of Winter by mytiny_sybarite (***)
Summary: vampire!Robb. {red wedding au} White-walkers and dragons are not the only things to be back in Westeros…

ashes to ashes by bloodofpyke (***)
Summary: Robb survives the red wedding, Theon dies

this broken thing we have by bloodofpyke (***)
Summary: Theon lost his memories.

Tin Soldiers by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: Theon isn't the Starks hostage because the Iron Islands are occupied and there is a price on the head on most of the Greyjoys still alive when the war start between the North and King’s Landing. Balon (or Asha) thinks he could use this war to get his kingdom back if they help the King in the North. King Robb ends up meeting outlaw!Theon (without knowing he is a Greyjoy at first).

Stringless Ones by heartlesskids
Summary: "Theon is made a ward of Robert not Ned, and grows up at the not so tender mercies of a spiteful king, a treacherous court, and Joffrey who has found a victim that none will defend. After Robert's death and Ned's beheading he grows close to Joffrey's other main prey, Sansa, who tells him stories about her siblings, and finds himself falling a little in love with Robb."

Seahorse Girl by heartlesskids
Summary: "girl!Theon revealed. Balon Greyjoy lied about how many sons he had, so when it came time to give his remaining one as hostage to Ned Stark he simply picked the daughter he liked least, dressed her as a boy and scared her into playing along. Surprisingly Theon actually manages to hide her gender until she hits puberty (fairly late, say 14 or 15) at which point she's been living with the Starks for several years.
Of course having had the daughter of a noble house living with them unchaperoned, playing and fighting with the sons of another noble house could cause a massive scandal and arguing that they didn't know she was a girl probably wouldn't help any, so the only honorable solution Ned can come up with is to wed her to one of his sons when they're old enough..."

The Gaps Between by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: Robb travelling in time.
But of course there is a cost (and it’s never cheap).

The King's Justice by mytiny_sybarite
Summary: "Robb survives the Red Wedding and finds Theon at the Dreadfort."

* * *


Our Lives To Live by archer_of_fate
Summary: "They have lived many lives, Robb knows this. Sometimes he is reminded of them, but he never asks Theon if he remembers, if he remembers him."

* * *

Alternate Universe (AU):

you and your sister live in a lemonworld (series) by rectiphobia
Summary: "In which Robb and Arya deal with sibling cohabitation, boyfriends, late night encounters, and other such occurrences."

let you go (1289 words) by faviconmockyrfears
Rating: Explicit
Summary: It takes him several more moments of shock to realise what the fuck just happened. Robb’s just handcuffed him to the fucking cell bars. Written for The White Walkers Kink Meme - a ASOIAF RPG set in post-apocalyptic London.

take you there (870 words) by faviconmockyrfears
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Theon's sick of pretending. Part of the GOT Kink Meme.

found bravery in my bravado (614 words) by faviconblackfyre
Rating: Explicit
Theon/Sansa, Robb/Theon (implied)
Summary: "modern au, in robb's bed, sansa's idea"

but i am your keeper (453 words) by faviconblackfyre
Summary: "prompt: theon/robb, dominant robb because it never happens"

the devil won't let me be (3774 words) by faviconarcher_of_fate
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Theon Greyjoy/Robb Stark, Robb Stark/Jeyne Westerling
Summary: "They're best friends until they're not anymore -- how Robb and Theon found their way back to one another."

fourteen (plus one) (1895 words) by faviconyouremyqueen
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Theon Greyjoy/Robb Stark, Theon Greyjoy/Jon Snow, Theon Greyjoy/Sansa Stark, Theon Greyjoy/Jeyne Poole, Theon Greyjoy/Jeyne Westerling, Theon Greyjoy/Margaery Tyrell, Theon Greyjoy/Loras Tyrell, Theon Greyjoy/Gendry Waters, Theon Greyjoy/Lancel Lannister, Theon Greyjoy/Samwell Tarly, Theon Greyjoy/Ygritte
Summary: "Alternately titled, 'Theon's cracktastic college sex marathon.' Modern!AU.
Written for the asoiaf kink meme, prompt was: (914): End of the semester and I banged 14 freshman. I'm like my own welcome to college orientation guide."

Dare You to Save Me (5990 words) by faviconmonchy
Warning: Major Character Death
Relationships: Theon Greyjoy/Jon Snow, Theon Greyjoy/Robb Stark, Jon Snow/Ygritte, Ramsay Bolton/Theon Greyjoy
Summary: "The only reason they're here tonight is because there's a world out there that doesn't have Robb in it, and it's better to sit together than to spend the night staring at a blank wall."

Lost cause (but I still keep trying) (352 words) by faviconMaharetchan (***)
Summary: "Robb thinks they're a good idea & Theon doesn't. Maybe."

Comes with Subtitles by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: Where Robb found Theon’s notebook / sketchbook and grows some strange obsession over it (and its owner).
(some of the sketches / notes are downright dirty/sarcastic/weird... coz it’s Theon after all)

Lost Boys by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: Theon was Robb imaginary friend.
(Except that, he never really went away, as Robb grew up he grew up with him)

Sphallolalia by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: Psychopath/perfectly-prime-and-proper & courteous serial killer Robb falls in love with sociopath/professional mind-fucker/manipulative Theon (who knows right away that there is something off with Robb).

Prairie Oyster by heartlesskids (***)
Summary:  "Woke up this morning: no idea of where I am, or how I got here, but the guy next to me is possibly more attractive now that he seemed to be when I was drunk/high, which is both supposedly impossible and unfair considering I barely remember what we’ve been up too."

Fresh by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: (774): i just walked into a room at this party and someone yelled "dibs!"...

The Best Games by heartlesskids (***)
Summary:  (920): We can just keep having sex until one of us finds someone we actually like

hypnerotomachia by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: "You’re perfectly allowed to say “I love you” as long as I can ignore you because it came after sex.”

our hearts are wrong by archer of fate (***)
Summary: Theon and Robb share a flat; they’re just mates sharing a flat. Everybody else think they’re dating (even Theon’s flings / Robb girlfriend(s)). Basically everyone know before they do.
Bonus: Robb realises before Theon. Theon’s realisation is quite sudden/ill timed

The Road Unwinds by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: “And I remember us now
But I forgot what we felt like
Somewhere along the way”

realistic romantic indecisive piece of shit by disolvedspine (***)
Theon/Sansa & Robb/Theon – cheating
Summary: Robb had no excuse for starting to sleep with his sister’s boyfriend. He couldn’t even put the blame on Theon for starting the whole thing because, in truth, he didn’t.

The flower of carnage by miawkitten
Margaery Tyrell/Theon Greyjoy (implies Theon Greyjoy/Robb Stark)
Summary: walkers/zombies. “Where’s - Robb?” His words come out strangled and he can’t help the slight tremble in it.
“Went - the other way,” Margaery manages to say, hands clutching her throat as she tries to catch her breath. “He’s - fine. Don’t - worry.”

flower of carnage by bloodofpyke
Margaery Tyrell/Theon Greyjoy (implies Theon Greyjoy/Robb Stark)
Summary: "He was sick of it all, so he left."

Chase by heartlesskids
Summary: "Thief!Theon & FBI or Interpol!Robb trying to catch him all over the world."

Hauntings by heartlesskids (***)
Summary: Theon is a ghost, Robb a werewolf and Jon a vampire. They’re also flatmates.
Bonus: Stark kids pack, possible hybrid Jon & maybe witch Ygritte

The Traitor Still I Love by heartlesskids
Summary: "nothing says 'I love you' like a knife between the ribs."

Craze by heartlesskids (***)
Robb/Theon, Ramsay/Theon
Summary: “What I want is to be needed. What I need is to be indispensable to somebody. Who I need is somebody that will eat up all my free time, my ego, my attention. Somebody addicted to me. A mutual addiction."

our blood is still young by disolvedspine
Summary: "5 times Theon wore Robb's stuff."

this ship is taking me far away by glass_queen
Summary: "Robb is hired by a selkie, Theon Greyjoy, to help him steal back his pelt from the sadistic Ramsay Bolton. But once Robb finds it, he's tempted to hide it and keep Theon with him."

i slept with theon greyjoy and all i got was this stupid song written about me by mybabyangel
Summary: (678): You stood outside his house all night throwing your sister's leftover Easter eggs and singing 'Now you're just somebody that I used to blow'.

the heart that you call home by mybabyangel
Summary: "Robb is fifteen and freaking out over the possibility that he might be gay and theon tries to help, tries to show him that maybe it's not so bad and he really isn't helping robb at all."

* * *

(***) = The ones I’m totally biased about because I was the prompter (& they’re truly marvellous.)