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Hal Yorke/Tom McNair fic recs

Hal Yorke/Tom McNair
Being Human UK season 4 & 5

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Coda Season 4:

A Heartbeat Away (1927 words) by FunkyinFishnet
Summary: Hal is desperately seeking calm and it turns out to be Tom who provides it. How long can Hal really resist?

“What just happened?” (905 words) by w_x_2
Masturbation, Merry Month of Masturbation Challenge 2012, Voyeurism, Mildly Dubious Consent
Summary: Tom makes Hal lose control, but he also helps him get it back.

Burn Your Kingdom Down (1626 words) by deadsymbolism
Summary: The monster in him fucking hates the simple and separable monster in Tom-- the way Tom can let the hunger out and then shut it off and still smile at Hal and touch him like it doesn’t mean a bloody thing, like it is easy.
Tom is always pushing Hal.

Tooth And Claw (2368 words) by deadsymbolism
Summary: "Nothing gentle about what we are, the both of us."
Hal and Tom get closer, and things change rapidly. (A sequel of sorts to "Burn Your Kingdom Down.")

Bound by Sir Fluffbutt von Grumpypants
Summary: The ropes bite tightly into the fragile skin of his wrists, a soft burning that sends heat to pool in the pit of his belly and Tom tugs against his restraints more to feel their presence then any desire to be free of them.

Teethe (3311 words) by laufeyette
Summary: Tom helps Hal resist his instincts.

Suffer Well (3718 words) by laufeyette
Rating: Explicit
Summary: The evening before the night after.

Coda Season 5:

While You Live (2779 words) by deadsymbolism
Summary: "He wants to stand in Tom’s sun, let it make him into a better man."
Set post series 5 episode 3.

7 Tips for Handling Your Supernatural Housemates (4382 words) by Agnes_Bean
Summary: It takes Alex some time to get used to her new (after)life — and, especially, her new housemates.

this love was not your trainwreck (1698 words) by postcardmystery
Relationships: Thomas McNair/Alex Millar/Hal Yorke
Summary: Pretend that you made up the vampires, and that this is all that there is.

Domino Man (2808 words) by broadlicnic
Summary: Hal adjusts, following the events of s4. (More info in the notes.)

an incitement to violence by howevermanywords
Summary: Tom sits on the bed, his head hanging down, his shoulders hunched, and the very sight of him is enough to make the monster inside of Hal scratch and claw for release.

Alex leaves for Scotland by howevermanywords
Summary: “She’ll be back,” Tom says once they’ve waved her onto the bus. “She’ll miss us, you know.”

Breaking the Fever by non-canonical
Summary: "Blood, sweat and tears: it was never going to be easy detoxing a 500-year-old vampire."

Alternate Realities:

And I’ll Know What Yesterdays Bring (4162 words) by paperclipbitch
Alternate Universe - Canon, Angst, IDEK there were meant to be bees and flowers
Summary: [Spoilers for 4x07] “I did die!” Tom’s voice cracked halfway through the shout, but it was still loud enough to sting against Hal’s nerves.

I want the wolf by howevermanywords
Summary: "Give me Tom and Eve. I’ll protect them."

This is what happens when staking vampires is your only life skill. (7986 words) by Bellaphant
Rentboys, D/s themes
Summary: Rent boy AU. Because, honestly, what else would Tom McNair (or Hal, for that matter) do when their lives fall apart.

Strange Times (3662 words) by non_canonical
Angst, Swearing, Explicit Sexual Content, Dubious Consent, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence
Summary: 4x07: "What do you say?" Cutler asks. "Old times?" Hal reaches for the blood with a shaking hand and tips it, burning and glorious down his throat. And then …
A group of ficlets that diverge from canon after Hal drinks blood for the first time in 55 years.

Alternate Universe:

Days Like Masquerades (3030 words) by paperclipbitch
Relationships: Tom MacNair/Hal Yorke, Nick Cutler/Hal Yorke, Nina Pickering/George Sands, Alex Millar/Natasha, Leo (Being Human)/Pearl (Being Human)
Summary: Ordinary/no powers!AU. In which Tom’s just trying to adjust to not living on his own in a van anymore, Hal’s trying not to let his band go the same way as his personal life, and sometimes the best things in life are the unexpected ones.